About Peter

Peter, a true renaissance man, completed his B.F.A. in Visual Arts with honours in 1977 at York University. He then worked at the The Banff Centre as an instructor in the Photography program from 1977 to 1979 when he began a career in the building restoration industry. He became a partner and President of C3 Polymeric Limited, where he led many rehabilitation projects on some of Canada’s most iconic buildings.

In his artistic practice, he experimented with combinations of photography, printmaking, and painting. Peter’s early exploration of texture and colour in large acrylic paintings inspired his later painterly photographic projects where he took Northern Ontario rock formations and still-life flower arrangements and transformed them into semi-abstract, large-scale panoramic compositions through his mastery of digital media.

Peter moved effortlessly from hard geologic landscapes to the softness of his later studio-based flower arrangements. The real goal and success of his work was in sharing with the viewer his insight into how one can come to appreciate the compelling beauty of the most everyday subjects when they are carefully seen and painstakingly rendered by a true artist.

Peter was deeply involved in his community, especially as president of “The Taddlewood Heritage Association” where he volunteered time to the Wychwood Barns redevelopment. As “Lord of the Rink”, his tireless efforts to annually construct and maintain the neighbourhood outdoor rink were appreciated by everyone in the community. Peter was a gifted individual who lived life to the fullest and enriched the lives of all those who knew him. His passion, enthusiasm, and love lives on in the legacy of his work.

Peter MacKendrick
1953 - 2012